New Feature: Dynamic Playables

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With the recession’s tight grip on the economy, publishers and UA teams are looking for ways to maximize their budgets. Ahead of the trend, AdLiven’s Interactive team is continually building new ways for our partners to become more efficient in spending. In response to this industry-wide necessity, we've recently developed a feature that takes our Playable Platform to new heights: Dynamic Playables.

What is the Dynamic Playable feature?

As an extension of the AdLiven Insights tool, the Dynamic Playables feature allows our partners to update playable ads without interrupting the current campaign. These updates are seamlessly pushed to the live playable being served on ad networks. Instead of creating entirely new campaigns and waiting for those playables to scale, clients can select which ad parameters they’d like to change and instantly distribute the latest version.

With those modifications, clients can validate whether specific parameter changes have a meaningful impact on campaign objectives.

Rapid A/B testing with Dynamic Playables

While highly beneficial, A/B testing playable ads can be an arduous task. Now, with Dynamic Playables and the AdLiven Playable Platform, our partners can create a multitude of different ad variants and evenly split impressions across them while only needing to upload one single playable to a campaign.  “After you upload your original playable to your desired ad network, all you need to do is select any number of creative variations you would like impressions to be split amongst via our platform, and it will take care of the rest.”  Nick Ventura, Partner Relations Manager of Interactives, said.

Criteria relating to design or gameplay mechanics can now be easily adjusted with almost instantaneous results. Cheaper and quicker, this innovative development unlocks a new level of strategic testing. “If we have a parameter for it, we can change it dynamically.” Director of Interactives, Patrick Watkins, said. “You can break it down into anything gameplay-related, such as difficulty or speed, and anything design-related, such as characters and end cards.”

Ad Spend optimization: 

With Dynamic Playables, the risk of wasting UA budgets or entire ad units due to poor performance is significantly reduced. You no longer have to go all-in on just one version of your playable, and you can get testing done rapidly and with less waste. After creative optimization testing has been completed, and the results have been gathered, head back to the AdLiven Platform to reconfigure the impressions split to only send impressions to the top-performing variant(s). 

“By doing so, you are not wasting ad spend on underperforming ads and ensuring that only the versions that resonate with your target audience and meet your KPIs are receiving the impressions. All with just a few clicks on the platform” said Ventura.

Enhancement through AdLiven Insights

Advertisers should use the dynamic playables feature in unison with our Insights tool to maximize results. AdLiven Insights provides visibility into various user-engagement points throughout each playable, such as where players stopped engaging or where a level might have been too difficult or too long.

“Clients can launch a dynamic campaign, then use our Insights tool to track and analyze performance,” Watkins said. “In a way, insights prove the hypothesis of [a test] because our insights platform provides data you don't get from ad networks.”

With our latest advancements, clients can review both front and backend performance, determine what areas of the ad they’d like to modify, and test for maximum effectiveness. “Then, they can return to the AdLiven Playable Platform to make adjustments or create new variants and launch those as dynamic playables,” Watkins said.

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Michael Sabetta
Michael Sabetta
Director of Marketing