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AdLiven’s new Insights tool aims to help advertisers make better ads, measuring the quality of creative and not just clicks.

San Francisco, October 18th, 2022 -  AdLiven, a full-service mobile user acquisition, and creative production company, is launching AdLiven Insights - a new way to understand the performance of interactive ad formats in a post-IDFA world. AdLiven Insights provides granular data about how and when a user engages with playable ads, helping advertisers, brands, and marketers to better understand user behavior. This will inform them of how an ad is performing and give crucial insights into making better, more creative, and more effective ads with learnings that can also be applied to video campaigns and app store optimization.

The tool is now available to all partners on supported ad networks (Vungle, AppLovin, IronSource, Unity, Liftoff, AdColony, and Chartboost). It has been running a beta of its Insights since July, analyzing the engagement of 50 different playable ads seen by over 30 million mobile gamers. Engagement is the percentage of people that decide to interact with the ad after it has been shown to them. AdLiven has an average engagement rate of 28%. Insights will reveal which playables perform poorly compared to average engagement and thus identify which factors need to be adjusted to improve engagement. 

Founded in 2018, AdLiven provides high-quality ad creative services and collaboration between app marketers and visionary designers. AdLiven’s vision is to become a hub of ingenuity and innovation where app marketers can fulfill their creative needs without compromise. 

Unlike many existing ad tracking and analytics tools, AdLiven Insights is not limited to a predefined bucket of possible reporting events. Since each of their playable ads is custom-built with code, AdLiven can tailor its solution to each playable, looking at ad engagement from the users’ experience to learn what elements are driving performance and how to better target audiences in different segments, including network, device, and region. AdLiven Insights can also compare ad variants by testing a copy of the original playable but with modifications such as gameplay and difficulty duration, which facilitates A/B testing and optimization of playable ads. 

The release of AdLiven Insights is an extension of AdLiven’s full-service creative offering whereby users can iterate, test, launch, and measure ads within one platform. Supported by AdLiven Playable Platform (APP dashboard), partners will get direct feedback from their target audience on the art style, gameplay mechanics, character affinity, and overall engagement. Pairing AdLiven Insights with the creative capabilities of AdLiven’s Playable Platform allows users to make quick design tweaks to optimize creative performance across different audiences without creating (or needing to purchase) a whole new project, resulting in significant cost and time savings. 

“IDFA has had a huge impact on how mobile advertising is measured, so any new way to understand if your ad is working as intended is significant. AdLiven benefits from building all of our playables from scratch, so we’re not tied to pre-defined tracking metrics, giving our partners granular insight they lost through IDFA changes,” said Kai Yu, Co-Founder of AdLiven. “We work closely with our partners to understand their marketing goals and build customizability into the ads so that we can test many different scenarios and ensure a greater understanding of user behavior and preferences, allowing them to make educated decisions around the creative direction or even product development decisions.”

AdLiven Insights will continue to evolve to meet game developers and marketers’ ever-changing needs, including dynamic playables and A/B, split testing, visit

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Nereida Tinoco
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