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AdLiven prides itself in making innovative and cutting-edge content designed to help businesses achieve their goals and reach their audiences. However, our bread and butter are videos, and we provide four different types depending on each partner’s needs. 

User Acquisition Videos

User acquisition (UA) videos are geared towards gaining new users and having them install the app. It’s one of the few formats that typically focus less on gameplay and instead strive to highlight the characters, storylines, and exciting scenes. They can be displayed on various networks, including Facebook, Applovin, Vungle, and many more. Our UA ads are offered in sets, which include the original version and up to three variations. Producers approach UA ad sets through detailed research of what is trending in the current market, as well as keeping partner’s brand guidelines in mind. This unique process makes for exceptional content and top-performing videos.

User Generated Content Videos (UGC)

This video style showcases people discussing and raving about the featured app. In many cases, people will also interact with the app showcasing its functionality. This video style has gained popularity as it builds trust towards the brand since viewers get to hear firsthand what ‘real’ people think of the product.

App Preview Videos

As the name suggests, app preview videos display a sneak peek of the app, usually containing gameplay or functionality. These videos can be found on the product’s page alongside other screenshots, usually within the app store. They should remain short and engaging to draw in users while accurately depicting the app.

Lead-In Video

A lead-in video is a 5-10 second video that seamlessly turns into an interactive video. The goal is to provide users with a better understanding of the context behind the storyline as well as create an emotional connection. It’s been proven that about 70% of viewers who create an emotional response to an ad are more likely to purchase the product.

Interactive Endcards

An interactive endcard is a creative format that follows a standard or interactive ad. Their goal is to encourage users to download the app by giving them an insight into the app’s gameplay. It typically follows the same style as the ad it’s a part of, whether it is highlighting a storyline or showcasing the gameplay. It's part of the try-before-you-buy method, as users familiarize themselves with the app and determine if they want to download it. They can help increase retention rates, lifetime value, and install rates. 

AdLiven designs each video to provide data-driven results based on our partner’s needs.
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Nereida Tinoco
Nereida Tinoco
Content Writer & Social Media Manager