What to A/B test on a Interactive Ad

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What is A/B Testing? 

A/B testing is a method used to compare two variables of an interactive ad by showing them to different segments of an audience and seeing which one generates better results. 

What to A/B Test? 

Each element of an interactive should go through A/B testing to ensure it’s optimized. Start with the more important features and work towards minor details that might make less of a difference. You can start by testing: 

  • Video length
  • CTA
  • Characters
  • Style of boxes or buttons 
  • Difficulty level
  • Endcard style
  • Tutorialization  
  • Copy 

Testing Process

Before you start testing, become familiar with the process and the steps needed to have a successful a/b test. 

  1. Pick one element to test - There may be various features you’d like to test, but to get the best results start with one element. Otherwise, you won’t be able to track the results accurately. 
  1. Choose a goal - Before you run the test, identify what your goal is. Are you looking for click-throughs, downloads, time spent? This will help decide if the test was a success or not. 
  1. Hypothesis - Once you have decided on your goal, write down your hypothesis. This will help define your testing success. 
  1. Metrics and KPIs - You’ll probably be tracking various metrics but choose one to focus on. Along with the goal, this will help you measure the success of your campaign. 
  1. Audience - Select your audience and separate it into two segments.  One will view the control version, while the other will see the variation. 
  1. Analyze - Once you’ve run your test, collect all the information and analyze the results. Did you get the results you expected? 
  1. Test again - Finally, start again and repeat the process with other elements or different metrics. The more data you collect the more you’ll be able to optimize your content. 

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Nereida Tinoco
Nereida Tinoco
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