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The Value of Seasonal Themed Ads

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We’re no strangers to seasonal marketing, and we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing stores quickly switch from one holiday decor to another, from four-leaf clovers to colorful easter eggs and spooky spider webs to jolly Christmas trees. But this kind of marketing is not exclusive to stores, as apps have seen the benefits of seasonal ads and have begun creating their own. 

Winter Themed Ad
Evergreen Ad

Before creating your first seasonal ad, there are some things you should consider, such as target audience, target region, and popularity of the holiday. It’s essential to keep in mind that only some holidays will be suitable for your brand. For example, Halloween is extremely popular in the United States but may not garner the same attention in China. Knowing which holidays to market is the first step in creating a successful seasonal ad. 

It does not always take much effort to create seasonal ads. Many companies take existing ads and make minor modifications to transform them into holiday-themed ads. It can be something simple as changing the font or adding imagery associated with the holiday. These can be pumpkins, candy canes, spider webs, leprechauns, or even adding snow for something winter themed. These minor modifications allow app marketers to compare results and use the campaign as a form of A/B testing. 

Benefits of Seasonal Ads

While creating seasonal ads may not be difficult, you may wonder what the benefits are. Many companies will see increased brand awareness, as the new imagery can draw users in. These minor changes humanize brands and depict the brand’s willingness to adapt to the latest seasons or trends. 

Along with brand awareness, brands may also see an increase in installs as the changes in ads can draw in users who may not have been interested initially. This can also lead to a rise in return users, whose interest may be piqued by the changes. 

Overall, seasonal ads can bring more benefits when appropriately executed, as they can revive a brand's image with minimal effort. 

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Nereida Tinoco
Nereida Tinoco
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