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Our Concepting Process

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In today’s competitive market, mobile ads are essential in the digital marketing landscape. A well-structured methodic concept process is what makes a single mobile ad stand out in the big sea of ads. 

AdLiven devotes significant resources to developing detailed concepts and ensuring every project is executed flawlessly. From the first step to the final product, we ensure each idea is goal-oriented and delivers high performance in UA campaigns. 

Our Concepting Process  

Our conceptualization process is the result of years of experience and constant improvement. One thing we have kept consistent throughout our growth has been keeping our partners’ goals at the forefront of the process and, more importantly, a game-centric approach.  

Vertical 1: Understanding our Partner´s needs

At the beginning of any project, the very first step of the funnel is to spend significant time understanding our client's goals and needs, which will later translate into successful ads.

Vertical 2: Creative Brief

On our end, every creative project starts with a clear, insightful, creative brief that incorporates vital information about the mobile game or app and every piece of information linked to its universe. 

After a clean briefing is submitted, we proceed to a rigorous brief dissection phase, where we dive deep into the world of the game title. The result of this dissection phase leads to a structured creative process that enables us to remain inspired, speak the game’s language, and better understand the people we desire to connect with. 

While creative briefs vary, we always embrace a game-centric approach regardless of the project's particularities. 

Vertical 3: Target audience

We allocate a solid period of time playing the game and understanding its features and mechanics, not only from a creative perspective but as a real player. In our ideation process, we often put on the user lenses and try to understand their experience in relation to the ads we wish to build. This stage in the process is always fun for everyone on the team!

Understanding the target audience is essential to our creative process because our ideation is built on audience segmentation, interests, motivations, and player archetypes. 

Vertical 4: Competitor trends 

Another significant vertical is the game’s competition. While we have benchmarking tools at our fingertips, our approach is constant creative innovation rather than simply following a trend or comparable execution. We aim for ads that will stand out in the crowd. 

To support that, we have a methodical approach in our market research and competitive analysis. For us, it is essential to stay on top of the latest trends while setting new ones. This ensures our partners and their games receive the best possible marketing creatives.  

Vertical 5: Insights 

While we search and identify creative patterns across the board, we also incorporate the use of AdLiven’s Insights tool as well. This enables us to secure a strong creative concept by incorporating elements that have proven to perform well. Our innovation kicks in when we experiment with new elements or simply find inspiration from new iterations, mechanics, or actions that we observe across different game genres. We strategically test ideas to discover the new powerful element that will boost creative performance. 

Creative brainstorming is key in the concepting process and helps stimulate our creative ideas and vision, and we often apply inspiration from outside the industry.
During our ideation process, we apply different creative techniques such as SCAMPER,  brainstorming sessions, creative exercises, affinity diagrams, random words, six principles of virality, and more!


What we love the most about our creative process is that we never settle. We are constantly raising the bar, challenging our ideas, and creating tomorrow´s viral ads or the next creative trends within the gaming landscape. 

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Ana Maria Rizopol
Ana Maria Rizopol