Interactive Ads Best Practices

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Interactive ads have become a popular way to advertise to users. Whether it’s a gaming app or a banking app, these ads can be highly effective when used correctly. Here at AdLiven, we’ve been creating interactive ads for some years now, and we’d love to share a few things we’ve learned that have helped our partners increase performance. 

Make it Simple

Players with no prior experience in the game should be able to jump into an interactive ad and instantly start playing. Guide them with clear and easy-to-understand tutorials and gameplay. It should be simple and easy enough for anyone to understand.

Less Text 

Players want to jump right into the action, not read a wall of text. Minimizing the text and using hand and gesture prompts gets players into the game faster, which gets them into the store page faster. As a bonus, this makes localization a breeze.

Keep it Short

Engagement drops off the longer an ad is, so keep it short and simple. The sweet spot is between 15-20 seconds; this gives enough time for players to experience the app and get them interested enough to download it. 

Clear Call to Action

Whether it’s your in-game CTA or endcard CTA, make sure it stands out. A few ways to do this include making the button color stand out from the background and having clear, concise, easy-to-read text.

Engaging Endcard

Static endcards are boring, simple as that. Make users want to click on your endcard by using animated characters and hand prompt gestures. These are proven to increase endcard effectiveness. 

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Nereida Tinoco
Nereida Tinoco
Content Writer & Social Media Manager