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Benefits of Localization

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Now more than ever, we have access to larger global markets. In order to successfully market to them, we must ensure our campaigns are appropriately adapted to each region. 

This is where localization comes in; while most might think of it as simply translating text, it is more than that. Localization ranges from using local vernacular to replacing colors and changing images and music to appeal to the target audience better. This results in various benefits, including a higher conversion rate and an increased reach and CTR. 


Localizing your mobile ads can increase your reach as you target a larger audience. According to Babble, only 20% of the world’s population speaks English, and while it is considered a business language, many countries prefer to see mobile ads in their native language.  

Click Through Rate 

Localization can also show an increase in CTR. In a research study by Appia, localized versions of campaigns saw click-through rates of 3.34%, 42% higher than the English campaigns. This same study showed that 86% of localized campaigns outperformed those in English. 

Conversion Rate 

Companies with localized campaigns can also see an apparent increase in conversion rates. In the same study by Appia above, they saw a rise of 22% in conversion rates compared to English campaigns. 

These are only a few benefits of localizing interactive ads, as companies may also see an increase in downloads, installs, and brand awareness. 

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Nereida Tinoco
Nereida Tinoco
Content Writer & Social Media Manager