AdLiven Ad Breakdown: Diving into the Making of Voodoo's Interactive Ad

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Welcome to the kickoff episode of AdLiven Ad Breakdown, where we take you behind the scenes of our creative journey. Our first dive is into the making of an interactive ad for Voodoo's hit game,

In our video, we share insights into the challenges faced and overcome, such as optimizing performance on mid to low-tier phones. Our solution involved an in-depth QA process and implementing custom asset optimization techniques.

This video also highlights the importance of collaboration with the client, Voodoo, and the lessons we learned along the way. A key takeaway was the value of starting with fewer parameter options, then expanding once an ad shows promising performance.

Despite not having performance data from the client, the interactive ad's success is evident in its close resemblance to the actual game. Its simplicity and colorful graphics make it an engaging piece of creativity.

Join us for an insider's view of the process, collaboration, and technical aspects behind this engaging interactive ad.

Check out the video here:

Stay tuned for more in the AdLiven Ad Breakdown series, where we share our creative journey with you!

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Michael Sabetta
Michael Sabetta
Director of Marketing