Tailored Solutions for Zynga: AdLiven's Customized Game Board Editor for Words With Friends 2

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About the Partner:
Zynga, a gaming giant, has repeatedly demonstrated its knack for creating iconic games that resonate deeply with users. Their famed title, Words With Friends 2, is a testament to their commitment to delivering delightful gaming experiences. And when they sought a solution to enhance their video creation process, they turned to AdLiven.

Zynga, in its bid to further bolster the reach and resonance of Words With Friends  2, aimed to simplify and accelerate its video ad production process. Their goal? To swiftly create dynamic and appealing videos for both UA and the App Store pages without getting ensnared in time-consuming manual animation processes of creating custom gameplay scenarios.

Enter AdLiven’s Game Board Editor tool. An innovation tailored to Zynga's needs, the tool enabled the Words With Friends team to design a multitude of videos in record time. How? By eliminating the arduous process of manually setting up gameplay scenarios in After Effects and hand-animating each sequence. Instead, they could quickly customize board sizes, layouts, and gameplay. With these capabilities, creating gameplay videos by simply screen recording became a breeze.

Zynga's specific needs catalyzed the tool's evolution. Features like multilingual support and adjustable board sizes were integrated on request, showcasing AdLiven's commitment to client-centric customization.

While the transformative impact of the tool was undeniable, it wasn’t without its challenges. A redesigned editor was necessitated to fit the unique gameboard of Words With Friends, a challenge AdLiven took in stride.

Key Takeaway:
AdLiven and Zynga's collaboration revolutionized how Words With Friends approached their internal video ad creation. The remarkable reduction in production time stands as a shining beacon of the tool’s efficacy. Moreover, this project wasn’t just a triumph in the present; it shaped the future. Drawing from this experience, AdLiven expanded its Game Board Editor’s arsenal, ushering in support for word games, thereby amplifying its utility for other games in the same genre.

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Michael Sabetta
Director of Marketing