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How we helped Zynga successfully A/B test Game of Thrones Slots Casino

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About the Partner:

Named after the Swahili word for “warrior princess,” Zynga has disrupted the mobile gaming industry since 2007. From the moment it launched the first social online poker game, the company has lived up to its name, with more than 183 million monthly active users playing its mobile games today. Now, Zynga is one of the largest mobile game developers in the West and has continuously confided in AdLiven for its marketing creatives since the birth of our company in 2018. Up to now, we have worked with over 50 game titles under the Zynga umbrella.


When recent marketing campaign analytics revealed that AdLiven created the top 3 performing ads for their Wizard of Oz Slots title, Zynga decided to dive into the research to find out what made the ads successful. AdLiven created five variants for each of the three videos for A/B testing. The goal was to determine which character and slot machine design were their users’ favorite of the videos.


After performing the A/B test projects on the Wizard of Oz Slots game title, AdLiven returned to do the same for the Game of Thrones Slots game title. For an accurate review when running tests, it’s essential to serve ads around the same period. For this, the projects had quick turnaround times, with 15 projects to A/B test in 2 weeks (10 business days).

Key Takeaway:

A/B testing can be an effective tool for your marketing and advertising campaigns. The initial step is always first to produce a strong video. Once it performs well, you can begin testing. Be sure to prepare your workflow ahead of time to accommodate the speedy turnarounds in the testing process.

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Ebony Holmon