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How we created a top-performing video for NBA 2K Mobile

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About the Partner:

With fans all around the world, the NBA  is one of the most popular sporting associations in the United States. Our client, 2K, has developed the leading video game in the industry for decades, both on console and mobile.

Now with 15 mobile gaming titles under their umbrella, AdLiven produces marketing creatives across accounts, including for NBA 2K Mobile


As a large company, 2K regularly requires advertising creatives for their titles from different sources and creative agencies. AdLiven’s 2022 highlight reel project has ranked as their top-performing ad since February 2022. 


With a simple concept, AdLiven was able to create innovative content that left a lasting impression on viewers repeatedly. It started by bringing completely new ideas to the table.  After confirming licensing rights, AdLiven created an upbeat highlight video featuring real athletes and exciting FX.

Taking full advantage of available resources, we connected with the console game developers to receive an FX pack for the project. We used gameplay footage capture to supplement the 3D parallax effect, which was the central focus of the creative.  Partnering with the console game helped to keep brand cohesiveness across platforms. This ultimately allowed the ad to resonate with its usual fans by bringing innovation to a familiar look. 

Key Takeaway:

By collaborating with console game developer to ensure brand cohesiveness across platforms and using innovative techniques like 3D parallax effects, free camera capture, extensive rotoscoping, and FX layering, we created a top-performing video ad that drove impressive results.

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Ebony Holmon