How Toon Blast’s Interactive Ads out-performed competitors using AdLiven’s Game Board Editor

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About the Partner

Peak Games’ Toon Blast is a household staple in the match-3 mobile game industry. Their marketing department can be partially to thank for that, as their ads are regularly top-performing. 

The game’s lovable bear, Bruno, always needs rescue from extreme danger in Toon Blast’s ads. They’ve mastered the method of evoking fear and frustration, urging the viewer to download the game right away to try saving the beloved Bruno themselves. ‍


Toon Blast created a target-breaking, custom-built playable ad with the support of AdLiven’s latest tech development. In 2022, our interactives team built a unique game board editor project that enables instant customization to board appearance and mechanics for playable ads. 

AdLiven’s highly-customizable game board editor opens the opportunity for infinite gameplay combinations. While creating a 1:1 replica of the real game design and mechanics is possible, you can also use the editor to swap out a game piece or even create a completely different function. 

Apart from localizations and layout changes, the game board editor also has the ability to update the objective of the playable, edit the number of moves allowed, toggle UI, update particle and sound effects, and even has a full-screen mode, amongst many other features.


Toon Blast optimized its playable ad campaign by taking advantage of the iteration possibilities achievable using our editor. Our goal was to create a way for their team to easily create new levels and game objectives without the need for AdLiven interference and our playable production process.  

Of the many customizations, Toon Blast prepared a testing plan for a few iterations, such as the bomb and rocket game piece function. For this strategy, AdLiven added the ability to alter those specific game piece sizes and edit how much of the board the bomb and rocket cleared. We also added ways to test the “boosters” function and how it affects the expanding size of the board.

Key Takeaway

Great for ad testing campaigns, AdLiven’s Game Board Editor opens up the opportunity for unlimited iterations of game board design and mechanics. 

Our Game Board Editor Tool saves our partners time and money on ad spend and production. It also simulates conceptualization and creative ideation for new possibilities to try on ads or even in the real game.

Peak Games recognized the value in using this ad enhancement when their playable revealed top-performing results. They later used our game board editor on 2 of their other game titles to optimize more marketing campaigns across the company. 

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Michael Sabetta
Director of Marketing