How GameHouse's Text Express creates unlimited ad variations with our Playable Platform‍.

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About Our Partner

GameHouse was referred to us by another partner of ours. Since then, we’ve been working with GameHouse on playable projects for Delicious World and Text Express, a newer title by GameHouse.

GameHouse's Text Express Template in the AdLiven Playable Platform.


GameHouse provided us with a top-performing video ad for Text Express, a mobile word puzzle game, to emulate in an interactive format. During the early stages of that project, we identified the ability to templatize a playable design, allowing our partner to create endless ad possibilities for the ad themselves.  From conceptualization to final delivery, the process took under four weeks.

The AdLiven Playable Platform allows GameHouse to swap and replace all assets in their playable ad easily.
GameHouse's playable ad template enables them to input the letters that a user can select to complete the puzzle, allowing them to create unlimited variations of their playable ads.


We created a template project for GameHouse so they could easily customize everything within the playable ad, from prompts and answers to the backgrounds and end cards. This allows them to create an infinite number of variations of their ads.

Key Takeaway

We were able to deliver a highly customizable template that allows our partner to create endless variants of their interactive ad and maximize their return on investment for this project.

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Michael Sabetta
Director of Marketing