How AdLiven Elevated Voodoo's Playable Ad with the "Character in Peril" Narrative.

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About the partner:

Voodoo consistently sets its sights on the pinnacle of mobile gaming, developing games that resonate deeply with the gaming community and continually adapting to emerging trends. In their quest for innovative narratives, they teamed up with AdLiven, drawing on our proficiency in weaving trending narratives into immersive gameplay ads.


In the ambitious goal of bringing forth the universally captivating "Character in Peril" theme, Voodoo envisaged an ad pivoted on three pivotal concepts:

  • Accurately represent the core gameplay – where players connect a maximum number of balls/items.
  • Weave a riveting storyline – players embark on missions, be it saving a character, releasing an item, or mending something, always against the clock.
  • Instill a palpable sense of urgency, compelling players to be more than just passive participants.


Armed with Voodoo's conceptual foundation, AdLiven’s creative team set the wheels in motion, proposing a variety of trendy concepts. One particular storyboard emerged as the clear winner, captivating Voodoo's team from the outset. With green lights all around, the storyboard embarked on its journey into the animation phase, culminating into the envisioned playable.

The playable didn't just rely on its visual appeal. A prevailing sense of urgency transformed this gaming experience, transitioning players from mere puzzle-solving to an adrenaline-filled race against time. With the “Character in Peril” theme at its core, this ad offered a cinematic adventure. This wasn't just about connecting items; it was a mission, a storyline, an experience.

Elevating the project's uniqueness, AdLiven rolled out custom-designed character and environment assets tailored exclusively for this concept. Our legacy of expertise in crafting playables ensured a seamless flow from concept ideation to animation, upheld by our refined workflows developed from a rich tapestry of similar past engagements.

Key Takeaway:

Our venture with Voodoo stands as a testament to AdLiven's adeptness in not only grasping but also materializing client visions into compelling, interactive playables. This initiative underscored the monumental role of narratives in amplifying user engagement, further cementing AdLiven's belief in the power of storytelling within gaming ads. With each collaboration, our strategies evolve as we continually chase that harmonious fusion of gameplay dynamics and enveloping storylines.

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Michael Sabetta
Director of Marketing