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How AdLiven delivered creatives for Peak's Toon Blast game in less than 8 hours.

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About the Partner:

Toon Blast is one of three game titles from Peak Games that AdLiven regularly produces creatives for. It’s the first title that started the partnership, though it has now expanded to Star Blast and Toy Blast.


AdLiven partnered with Peak to complete 20 projects using a form of live-action videos. Each project had six variants: Three iterations of two different cuts for timing in two languages. Including localizations, there were a total of 120 deliverables.

These projects kept a tight turnaround, so our partner could run the ads and maximize their investment. We delivered completed projects as quickly as eight hours and up to two business days.


Not only was the project turnaround time tight, but this was a new type of content that Peak requested to try with AdLiven for the first time. The ads' success and production efficiency depended on AdLiven’s ability to: Understand the partner’s needs, be familiar with their content, and create a streamlined workflow. To do that, AdLiven created new brand guidelines specifically for these project types.

Key Takeaway

AdLiven’s agility allowed us to be receptive to new project possibilities and quickly adapt to the new workflow required. From the start of the projects, we recognized where to adjust our typical creative approach to maximize efficiency under pressure.

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Ebony Holmon