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About AdLiven

AdLiven is a hybrid between a Next-Gen creative agency and AdTech company focused on the conception, production and analysis of digital marketing creatives for app developers. Our partner base is heavily skewed towards mobile gaming. We work with publishers and developers of all sizes and genres, ranging from multinational corporations such as Zynga, Supercell and Activision, to independent developers. To our partners, we are far more than a traditional agency, we’re an extension of their internal creative teams. We leverage a community of talented designers and developers as well as proprietary technology to provide our clients with high-quality creatives at scale.

Job Overview 

At AdLiven, as Creative Lead you will be managing an extensive portfolio of clients from the gaming industry, and not only, and have the opportunity to provide creative work for some of the biggest gaming giants in the industry.
Your role will be to work hand in hand with the Director of Creative Services and the Partner Relations team to transform marketing objectives into digital ad creatives that attract and retain new users for our clients. 

As the Video Creative Lead, your adept leadership, strategic thinking, and creative prowess will play an instrumental role in driving our video creative operation's success, fostering client satisfaction, and ensuring the delivery of compelling and high-performing video ads. 


  • Lead a team of Video Creative Coordinators and Technical Designers to orchestrate the delivery of top-performing video ads for our clients. 
  • Foster a collaborative and innovative environment that promotes creativity, growth, and professional development within the team.
  • Foster a positive and engaging employee experience always providing support. 
  • Challenge your team members to continuously grow and develop in their role creating opportunities for that to happen in their day-to-day workflow. 
  • Assess your team results, identify aspects to improve and find solutions to help your team members to get to their desired level. 
  • Spearhead the creative coordination of complex projects, ensuring seamless execution and alignment with client objectives.
  • Ideate and provide precise execution direction to designers, offering insightful feedback that enhances the quality and performance of creatives. 
  • Conceptualize and devise strategic creative solutions that align with client goals and effectively convey messages. 
  • Formulate comprehensive Creative Briefs that succinctly outline project requirements and objectives. 
  • Collaborate closely with both internal and external stakeholders, ensuring meticulous project documentation and effective communication.
  • Collaborate closely with your counterpart in the Interactive department and collectively prioritize the cross-functional roles within the team.
  • Develop high-performing creative concepts that resonate with clients, presenting ideas with compelling argumentation and verified facts.
  • Utilize data interpretation to infuse creativity into creative projects, enhancing client engagement and results.
  • Analyze competitor activity using tools like Sensor Tower and conduct rigorous market research.
  • Serve as the point of contact for intricate content implementation and projects necessitating deep collaboration between artists, designers and engineers. 
  • Remain at the forefront of emerging trends in relevant industries, infusing innovation into our creative approaches. 
  • Work with production to assist with high-level plans and schedules.


  • At least 5 years experience within the gaming industry. 
  • A portfolio demonstrating the development of marketing creatives for mobile games.
  • Experience with managing a team and a busy pipeline.
  • Strong understanding of the mobile games marketplace, the funnel between ads, the app store page, and the product.
  • Exceptional visual communication skills and attention to detail.
  • Technical expertise and familiarity with game engines & their performance requirements.
  • Extensive knowledge of 3D and 2D Art pipelines.
  • Creative quality control and understanding of the basics in performance marketing creative engagement and KPIs.
  • Experience working with external partners (freelancers, agencies, creators, etc). 
  • A strong analytical skill set that can marry creativity and analytics together.
  • Strong art background to help out the production when needed.
  • A friendly and trustworthy personality who is confident and business savvy.

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